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Social Pony

Social Pony is a productivity mobile app that provides the users with the easiest way to update and manage their social media portfolio, from a single device. It is especially useful to the business owners as it allows them to connect with their customers, prospects and all other stakeholders in a quick and easy manner. They can update, manage and monitor all of their social media profiles from their smartphones, all on-the-go. Thus, the businesses can seamlessly connect and communicate with their audiences, without having to repeat the same message across different platforms. The app is available for iOS7 and Android devices.

The Objective

Omen Electronics Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales. When Omen Electronics came to eilocal, all they had was an idea. They wanted to create a mobile app that can help the users to sync each of their social media profiles quickly and efficiently. Since this was a unique concept, Omen Electronics Ltd already had the first mover advantage in their niche, for their app - Social Pony. But to transform their raw idea into a lucrative mobile app that was extremely appealing, completely user-friendly and highly shareable, they needed eilocal's expertise and experience. Having successfully helped a wide number of startups in building their business mobile apps, the eilocal mobile apps development team was all set for the challenge. Although they had quite a daunting task at hand, they seemed very much at home all throughout the development, implementation and marketing process. The end-goal for eilocal was to enchant Social Pony's potential users with easy, intuitive and individual control over something pretty ordinary yet extremely extra-ordinary: managing, monitoring and controlling all their social profiles at one place, their mobile.

The Challenge

To design and develop a lucid and straightforward mobile application - one that is not only easy to understand, but offers all the functionalities and features required to manage multiple social profiles without a hitch - is anything but simple. One of the primary challenges of the project was to create an uncomplicated way of providing functionality to upload multimedia such as video, images, audio and allowing the users to perform various operations across multiple social profiles. It required a massive experience, along with a well-defined project development, implementation and promotion process for success. Based on a basic overview of the project requirements, the identified primary challenges were:

  • To develop an easy-to-use and -maintain app for the client.
  • To create a user-focused, visually attractive and engaging app design.
  • To provide enhanced user accessibility through multiple operations.
  • To promptly, reliably and successfully enable the presence for newly built and launched Social Pony app in the mobile market.
  • To train the client's internal team for handling the application.

The eilocal Solution

The mobile apps development experts at eilocal started the project by engineering the initial user interface as per the specifications provided by the client, which integrated the below mentioned elements:

The initially drafted user-interface incorporated the following functionalities and features:

Settings: Once the user has synced his/her preferred platform, it will appear in the 'Synced Platforms' heading in Settings. From Settings, the user can view the tutorials again and access copyright policy and terms of use.

Notifications: This tab will be used for viewing the Facebook notifications and updates.

Textbox: This box will allow the user to enter the text to post an update on the synced platform/s.

Social Buttons: When the user clicks on any of the provided social media icons (buttons), the app will ask them to sync up his/her respective account on the selected platform.

Recent Posts: This functionality will allow the user to keep track of what has been recently posted.

Below mentioned is the features list of Social Pony:

  • When using the app for the first time, the user can click on the social media icons of his/her preference and then he/she will be given an option to sync it to Social Pony.
  • The user can start using Social Pony as soon as his/her social media profiles are synced with the app.
  • Social Pony currently supports these major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • The user can start updating the synced profiles from the app by entering text in the text area and hit the ‘Send’ button.
  • The user is provided with three options to update the respective social media account: Text, image or video.
  • The user can deactivate the synced platform at any time from Settings inside the app.
  • From ‘Recent Posts’ section of the app, the user can view his/her post history.
  • The user can also manage preferred social media pages from Social Pony by selecting the ‘Page Manager’ button.
  • The ‘Settings’ tab provides the user with information such as – Terms of use, Copyright Policy and app-tutorial/s.
  • The app incorporated a notification sound for every new update to alert the user.

Once the client reviewed the proposed interface and was happy to go ahead with it, the eilocal design team initiated the app layout finalization work. The idea was to keep the look and feel extremely appealing yet quite subtle. At the same time, audience interactivity and user-friendliness were the top most priority during the design phase. Simultaneously, the development team focused on seamless integration of all social platform APIs. The team provided the client with constant project status reports. Upon successful development, the mobile apps marketing team at eilocal guided the client on the technical aspects of successfully submitting the app to the app store. A select group of users offered feedback and suggestion upon the final launch during the beta trials. Once the app was widely available, the eilocal team created two kinds of feedback mechanisms - one to track the stability and the other to incorporate user suggestions.

The Results

The Social Pony mobile app project was a humongous success - both for the client as well as eilocal. As soon as the app was put up on the store, it was an instant hit. Users were quick to respond to this newly-introduced app as they started to download and use the app within a few days of the launch. Social Pony was quick to receive the "5-star" ratings from the users, as an indication of their engagement with it.

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