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The Client: www.alcsaguilas.com

Abundant Life Christian School (ALCS) is one of the premier Christian schools in the Southwest Valley area of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The school offers complete Christian education to the students from across the city at affordable rates. They emphasize on a highly individualized learning environment through a teacher/student ration of 1:8. The school follows a nationally-recognized curriculum. Students avail all types of training at the school – spiritual, social and physical – that help them in setting goals, becoming independent and build their skills.

The Objective

ALCS wanted to improve their school’s ranking in the local search results. They wanted more people to be able to know about their school and enroll their kids in the school. So, obviously, they were expecting the website to attract increased traffic. Adding further, they wanted to receive more inquiries through their school website (especially during the key admissions months). The eilocal web marketing experts drafted an effective roadmap for the client. It was decided that the website would be promoted organically, both on the search and social media platforms. Having previously worked in the academic niche, the SEO and social media marketing specialists at eilocal were quite at home with this campaign. They were confident in helping the client achieve a prominent web presence for their school along with improved conversions through the website and augmented engagement on the social channel.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for ALCS was that they had never in the past explored the digital aspect of promoting their school. So, they were not very sure of how both the campaigns would work. There was an anxiety in terms of the overall outcome and the ROI. But, the eilocal team made sure that they explained each and every tiny bit of the campaign process details to the ALCS team. ALCS had an in-house web developer who would take care of all aspects of the website and the updates thereon. But, due to the limited knowledge in the SEO domain, the developer needed eilocal’s assistance. When the website was originally designed, not much importance was given on making it SEO- as well as user-friendly. Hence, there were some basic structural issues on the website that would need to be addressed first before the SEO and SMM campaigns could begin. An aging website and the increasing cost of student leads were the major concerns for ALCS. At the same time, with the introduction of newer schools in the location, they were finding it difficult to carve out a special niche for the school on the digital space. Finding the newer ways to promote the school and improving their interactions with the prospects as well as current students and parents, were the preliminary objectives for ALCS.

The eilocal Solution

Like any other content marketing campaign, the eilocal SEO and SMM specialists begin this campaign with a detailed client requirement analysis. Initial campaign outcome expectation assessment interviews were carried out. This helped in gauging the current state of their marketing initiatives and also identifying the potential opportunities. Before approaching eilocal, ALCS would handle their website and the social media profile in-house. Hence, it was important for the eilocal team to figure out what sort of strategy they had in mind, in order to come up with a custom-tailored solution that best matched their expectations and requirements. A comprehensive competitor analysis was carried out, both on the search and social media platforms. This proved useful in recognizing the potential campaign roadmap. Simultaneously, the eilocal SEO experts conducted a detailed keyword research analysis for the school. As a result, they could identify what sort of search to target in their content to be created as part of the school’s marketing campaigns and strategic distribution thereof.

The first phase of the campaign involved bringing the website more in line with the guidelines of the search engines. The eilocal web and SEO experts created a complete website analysis report that incorporated all the possible ways to make the website more SEO-friendly and at the same time attracting the user’s interest. Basic site infrastructure related improvements were implemented. At the same time, dedicated efforts were made to optimize the page-elements such as, page titles, Meta descriptions, content headings and sub-headings, as well as image alt and file names. All these were focused on one primary and then a couple supporting keywords for each page. Doing this ensured that the website gained visibility for more amount of keywords in the organic search results. Along with this, the social media experts at eilocal worked on optimizing the existing social media profile of the school on Facebook. The school’s page was optimized by inserting the target keywords and tags in the page description and other elements of the page information. The school’s Facebook page was given a newer, fresh and revamped look by changing the cover and profile images.

The next phase of the campaign involved content optimization at all levels. Obviously, they started with the main website content. The content experts at eilocal spent considerable amount of time and efforts in making the website content stickier for both the search engine crawlers and the users. For the search bots, the content was optimized with targeted keywords. Proper density, relevance and proximity were maintained when optimizing the web content. To make the site content more appealing to the users, some emotional elements were added to the content. Essentially, each page’s content on the site was converted into a meaningful story that each of the target visitors on the site could easily relate to.

Following that, the social media marketing experts worked in conjunction with the creative design and copywriting teams to come up with extremely engaging content for the school’s Facebook page. Based on the detailed research, they created the post categories that would bring in the most engagement and traffic to the page. The content strategy for the page was a combination of a variety of content types. But, the primary importance was given to the visual aspects of the content. They created and published highly-engaging posts on the Facebook page.

Once the website and the Facebook page were optimized, the eilocal content team took over the campaign in full throttle. They created a dynamic content marketing strategy for the website. To make the website being seen as a content-leader in its niche, compelling and highly keyword-focused articles were written by the expert team of content writers at eilocal. These articles were then shared across a wide network of article sharing websites. To make the website more popular among the news and other media websites, engaging press releases were drafted by the expert press release writers at eilocal. Once this was done, the primary local news outlets and academics related magazines were approached with a winning pitch that they could simply not deny. Content-rich blog properties were built for the school across different popular blog platforms. The blog writers then created story-like blog posts that were distributed across a wide array of high-authority blog websites. The eilocal content marketing experts also approached various influencers in the academic niche across New Mexico. They were then convinced to publish the neutral blog posts created for ALCS on their websites. Along with all these, the social media marketing team at eilocal spent continued efforts in ensuring that the school got more followers on the platform. They published highly-customized and user-focused posts on the page. They also approached many academic groups on Facebook for the organic promotion of the page across the platform. Relevant hashtags were identified that would help improve the visibility of the page instantly.

Let’s take a look at some content marketing campaign samples here:

Facebook Page:

Blog Content


PR Content

Document Sharing Content


Social Signals Content

http://alcsaguilas.livejournal.com/648.html Social Media Content
https://www.facebook.com/AbundantLifeChristianSchool/photos /a.10151135809428718.462800.188689188717/10153582282658718/?type=3



The Results

Eilocal’s content marketing campaign resulted in a number of specific campaign outcomes for ALCS. The website received over fifty percent higher traffic within the first two months of the campaign launch. The average new sessions received on the website also improved by close to sixty percent. The bounce rate, on the other hand, was brought down considerably. This meant that the users were now engaging more on the website than previously. This was evident from the fact that the average pages viewed per session and the average session duration also improved drastically. As a result of the strategic campaign approach adopted by eilocal, ALCS could see an increase in the enquiries during the admissions peak season. ALCS’ Facebook page was all abuzz during the admissions month with private page messages for inquiries. The brand was also able to achieve one-on-one interaction with many of the target users on the platform. The ALCS team has been completely satisfied with the overwhelming response that the content marketing campaign has been able to generate for them in these initial few months itself and happily continue their association with eilocal.

The school saw an improvement in some of their targeted keywords, well within the first couple of months of the campaign, as can be seen below:

KEYWORDS Aug-2015 Sep-2015
Albuquerque Christian School NA Page 2
Albuquerque Private Schools NA Page 5
Christian Schools in Albuquerque NA Page 6
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